Global Grants
Donna Meier-Pfeifer
(620) 770-1148
Dave Abbott

Welcome to our Grants and Scholarships page. These activities are part of the District Foundation Committee which is here to help you fund your local and global projects. Every great idea needs a partner to help it succeed and we want to be your partner.

Here you will find the necessary information for District Grants. These grants provide support for your local community programs and projects initiated by your club. Please review the documents provided and confirm the deadlines by looking at our District Calendar. You will find a contact to help you with any questions you may have.

You are also able to create an international project with the assistance of a Global Grant. Please review the “Guide to Global Grants” provided. This will give you an understanding of the process and responsibilities of the program. Our district is involved in many international projects and we have the experience to help bring your idea to life.


For assistance please contact Rotary Foundation Chair

Donna Meier-Pfeifer
(620) 770-1148



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